How do I save money when filing for construction permits?

There is actually a way you can save money when filing for a Construction Permit. Following the suggestions below will keep your permit fees to a minimum.

  1. First and foremost, make sure the work you are doing actually requires a permit. By understanding precisely what Ordinary Maintenance is, you can avoid permit fees that should not be charged. Since certain work does not require permits, do not include that work on the Construction Permit Application. It is often very difficult during the plan review process for plan review officials to determine if certain work is actually Ordinary Maintenance, since often the work is written in a manner that doesn’t clearly delineate it as such.
  2. Be accurate when completing a Construction Permit Application. Whether it’s the contractor or the Homeowner, include only the work that actually requires permits. Also, accurately state the work being performed. Overstating the work will lead to fees for work that’s not being done.
  3. Since the permit fees for the Building Subcode portion of the work are based primarily on the cost of construction, and is often a significant portion of the total fee, be accurate with the cost of doing the building subcode portion of the work and only state the costs for work that requires permits. Although you must include the market rate of what the building subcode portion of the construction would cost (even if the homeowner is doing the work), pay special attention that you do not overvalue the work, which would lead to higher fees. Building department officials will not question higher than normal costs of construction because they are unaware of your actual costs for the work.
  4. Apply for Construction Permits when they are required. DO NOT risk doing work without permits. It is not worth it. Penalties for performing work without permits and/orapprovals start as high as $2,000.00 per violation, and are recurring for each violation by the week or day. Homeowners and Contractors are often caught doing work without first obtaining Construction Permits, and often they are permits costing less than several hundred dollars.

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