What do I need to do if my vehicle is impounded?
If your vehicle has been impounded by the Holmdel Township Police Department you must first respond to Holmdel Police Headquarters at 4 Crawfords Corner Road, Holmdel, NJ, to obtain a release form in order to take possession of your vehicle.
No vehicle will be released unless a valid driver’s license, registration, and insurance card are presented at Police Headquarters.

FEES:Any passenger car, SUV, motorcycle, station wagon, minivan, pickup, or any vehicle with a gross weight of less than ten thousand (10,000) pounds will be charged the following:
  • TOW RATE: Eighty dollars ($80.00) + $10 Administration fee for vehicles towed to Holmdel Township Police Department.
  • STORAGE FEE: Thirty dollars ($30.00) per day.
There are additional towing and storage costs for vehicles requiring more than basic towing services, and for vehicles over the ten thousand (10,000) pound weight limit. Storage fees commence after the first twelve (12) hours and continue for each day thereafter. All towing and storage fees must be paid in full before any vehicle will be released.

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