Senior Lock Box Program

If you live alone, and have a medical condition, we can provide you with a free lock box which we install on your home for use in emergency situations.  

The boxes are donated by Lowe’s Home Improvement, and are made available to Holmdel Seniors, free of charge, through the Holmdel Township Police Crime Prevention Unit who also installs the box for free.   

Many senior residents who live alone have a medical alert bracelet and alarm systems that summon assistance.  However, when police and medical personnel arrive, the residence is often locked from the inside. When this happens, Police have no choice but to force entry into the home to assist the victim, which can cause extensive damage.  

With the lockbox, responding police officers are able to quickly gain access with a key, avoiding the need to damage a door or window.  The lockbox has a digital combination that is only known to law enforcement personnel.

Any resident who may meet the criteria for a lockbox is asked to contact the Holmdel Police Crime Prevention Unit at 732-946-4400.  Please contact us prior to submitting the application and permission form.

Lock Box Program Forms

Download, complete, and submit these forms after speaking with our Crime Prevention Unit.

Lock Box Program Application

Lock Box Program Permission Form