Police Youth Academy

Features of the Academy

The Holmdel Police Youth Academy was first held in the summer of 2000. The academy was designed to give local youth the opportunity to learn respect for the law by providing them with positive interaction during their attendance in the academy, and motivates young people to be outstanding citizens through law enforcement education. It also encourages our young citizens to be partners, not adversaries, in building safer schools and communities.

The attendees, the leaders of tomorrow, will be instilled with an appreciation and new found respect for law enforcers and their role in society. The academy has been shown to improve self-esteem, discipline, self-confidence and respect for the attendees and law enforcement. One of the goals of the academy is to familiarize children with the job of a police officer.

Academy Events

Each day at the academy is dedicated to a different topic, such as firearms safety, self-defense, criminal investigations and much more. The Holmdel Township Police K-9 Unit, and the Monmouth County Emergency Response Team (MOCERT) hold demonstrations for the attendees. Military drill and ceremony is held each day and instructed by Holmdel Township Police Department Drill Instructors. The drill and ceremony instill discipline in all attendees. In 2011 a water safety class was added to the schedule, and it was a great success.


Like anything worthwhile, becoming a police officer is not easy. There are a number of obstacles that a police recruit has to clear to obtain the honor of wearing "the badge", some easy - some difficult. The attendees will understand upon completion, what it takes to succeed as a police officer in this challenging and dangerous profession.

Comments from academy graduates included:

  • "I have a better idea of policemen and what they have to do because I attended the police youth academy."
  • "Now I know more about some of the police and why they do what they do."
  • "I want the academy to last longer, I had a great time. It was probably the best camp I attended this summer and I attended a lot."

Attending the Academy

The academy is open to both boys and girls, ages 9 to 12. Meals and beverages are provided each day as well as academy shirts, hats and study materials. The Chief of Police, at a graduation ceremony held on the last day, awards certificates of completion to each attendee. Seating is limited to 40 attendees for each week and acceptance is on a lottery basis. The academy is held two weeks in August. Information will be posted on the department website in March.

If you would like more information on the Holmdel Township Police Department Youth Academy please email Lieutenant Robert Philhower or call him at 732-946-9690 ext. 1761.