Bicycle & Motorized Scooters Safety

Safety Regulations

Under the New Jersey Motor Vehicle laws (Title 39) a motor vehicle is defined as "all vehicles propelled otherwise than by muscular power." I receive many phone calls from parents about whether or not the popular gas and electric scooters (a.k.a. "Go-Peds") are "legal."

Since these scooters are motor vehicles by definition, they fall under the regulations set forth by New Jersey's motor vehicle laws under Title 39. All motor vehicles operated on public roadways must be registered, insured and have the minimum required safety equipment (mirrors, lights, turn signals, etc.). Most, if not all of these motorized scooters have none of the required safety equipment. Additionally, the Motor Vehicle Commission of New Jersey will not allow these types of scooters to be registered. Insurance companies will not insure them. Unregistered and uninsured motor vehicles cannot be operated on public roadways or sidewalks.

Holmdel Township also has an ordinance banning these scooters. Read Ordinance 3-32.

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