Juvenile Conference Committee

Responsibilities of the Committee

Another process used to resolve minor offenses is through the Juvenile Conference Committee. Juvenile Conference Committees are trained court volunteers who meet locally with the juvenile and his/her parents to address the offense and resolutions. These actions can range from writing a letter of apology to restitution or performing community service. If the juvenile does not attend the meeting, or does not carry out the requirements of the agreement the case will be returned to the court for a hearing before a judge.

Members of the Committee

The Holmdel Juvenile Conference Committee (JCC) consists of members of the Holmdel Community who are trained and appointed by the presiding Judge of Monmouth County, Freehold, New Jersey.

Process or Handling Juvenile Offenses

The primary purpose of the committee is to deal with the vast "middle ground" of juvenile behavior, which is not harmful enough to require adjudication of delinquency, but which cannot be overlooked by the community.

Every incoming juvenile delinquency complaint is forwarded to the Monmouth County Family Court and is reviewed for recommendation as to whether the complaint should be dismissed, referred to a JCC, or in-take service conference, or referred for in-court action.

Once a complaint is referred to a JCC, the juvenile and his/her parents or guardian, along with the complainant or victim, are invited to meet with the JCC at a specified time and place. The parties may be required to bring school records. The committee members discuss the case, then meet with the individuals involved to discuss the specifics of the complaint.

Recommendations & Rulings

A recommendation is made by the JCC to resolve the incident. The resolution may include, but is not limited to, counseling, restitution, and community service. Failure to comply or to agree with the recommendations of the JCC will result in the matter being referred back to the Family Court for a hearing and disposition. All proceedings before the JCC are confidential.

As a general rule, Judges refer to Juvenile Conference Committees, first time offenders whose first offense has been successfully handled and dismissed through the JCC Program. A second minor offense for a juvenile who has not been previously adjudicated delinquent may be referred to JCC if deemed appropriate.