CCO for Sales or Rentals


The Township's Housing Officer is responsible for administering and enforcing property maintenance, the Fire Code of the State of New Jersey, and The Township Code, Chapter 20 - Housing agency. The Housing Officer has overall responsibility for the administrative oversight of all residential dwellings and dwelling units at the time of transfer of title or occupancy.

The Housing Officer is also responsible for registering landlords and monitoring those dwellings that are rented by their owners. This ensures that those properties that are rented are properly maintained and that the tenants of those dwellings do not negatively impact the quality of life of those residents in the neighborhood in which the rented dwelling is located.

Certificate of Continued Occupancy Guidelines

Any new lot or building or a change in use and/or tenancy shall require a zoning commencement of use permit and a certificate of occupancy inspection prior to its use. No certificate shall be issued unless the land, building and use comply with this subsection; all matters incorporated on the approved subdivision or site plan, such as streets, drainage, parking and water and sewer service, shall be completed comply with the Building and Health Codes.

File for a Residential Certificate of Continued Occupancy

Click here on how to prepare for your inspection It is not a checklist, but is intended to assist the applicant in preparing for the inspection by listing some of the general items observed during an inspection which includes, but is not limited to, the items on the list.