Juvenile Bureau

Goals of the Juvenile Bureau
When a juvenile commits a delinquent act within the jurisdiction of Holmdel Township, our Juvenile Bureau has three basic goals:
  • To ensure that public safety is protected
  • To rehabilitate the juvenile so that he or she can grow into a resourceful and productive person who will contribute positively to society
  • To hold the juvenile accountable for his or her acts

The Process for Handling Juvenile Offenses

  1. Juvenile-Family Crises

    In Holmdel Township, many offenses committed by juveniles are not considered delinquent acts.

  2. Investigating Juvenile Offenses

    The Juvenile Bureau is responsible for investigating juvenile offenses, and for preparing and filing juvenile delinquency complaints with the Monmouth County Family Court.

  3. Juvenile Conference Committee

    Another process used to resolve minor offenses is through the Juvenile Conference Committee.

  4. Adjudication

    If a juvenile's offense is too serious for diversion, or if the juvenile's prior record of delinquency rules out diversion, the case must be adjudicated.

  5. Community Involvement

    Community involvement is often an essential part of a successful juvenile justice disposition.

  6. Sources & Programs for Juveniles

    The Holmdel Community provides many sources and programs for juveniles to participate in, whether through school programs or law enforcement programs.